As the navigation of this blog is only available in German so far (the blog-software does not allow to switch between different languages), I will provide a brief summary of all the contents. Eventually I will hopefully be able to have all the information available in English and French, too. Pages in the sidebar which have “i.A.” in parentheses are still under construction.

“Fakten zur Provinz Québec” (Facts about the province of Québec): A couple of essential facts about Québec to provide some very basic background information.

“Zur Geschichte von Québec” (On the history of Québec): Here I will provide a brief overview of the history of Québec. This is to help people understand certain historical contexts and references in films from Québec.

“Fakten zum Cinéma Québécois” (Facts about CinémaQuébécois): Some basic information about films from Québec.

“Zur Geschichte des Cinéma Québécois” (On the history of Cinéma Québécois): A brief overview of the history of Quebec Cinema.

“10 persönliche Lieblingsfilme” (10 personal favorite movies): Judging from all the films from Québec that I’ve seen so far, a list of 10 of my favorite movies.

“10 wichtige Regisseure” (10 important directors): A listing of 10 directors from Québec that I think are/were important in Québec Cinema. It’s mainly for people not familiar with the topic so they can get a quick overview of a couple of important filmmakers from the province. I am aware that a list of only 10 cannot cover all directors who made significant contributions to Quebec Cinema. The list is subject to change.

“Verfügbare Filme” (Available films): There are not many films from Québec available on DVD in Germany. I listed a couple of resources where people can get access to films from Québec.

“Déjà Vu! – Filmliste” (Déjà Vu! – list of films): A list of all  the films from Québec that I have seen so far. Will be updated on a regular basis.

“Literatur” (Bibliography): A list of books in German, English and French about Québec Cinema.

“Glossar” (Glossary): A list of terms that is good to know when dealing with Québec Cinema.

“Mini-Wörterbuch” (Mini-dictionary): A very brief introduction to the French spoken in Québec. Short list of expressions and words.

“Blog-Team”: Who is behind this blog? List of people involved, including (future) guest authors. Also contact information and some legal remarks.

“Eigenes” (Own stuff): A selection of my own films, writings, projects.

“Studieren in Québec” (Studying in Québec): Information for people interested in studying in Québec.

List of post-categories:

  • “Aktuelles” (news)
  • “Essay”
  • “Festival”
  • “Film-Clips”
  • “Filmkritik” (film reviews)
  • “Filmzitat der Woche” (movie quote of the week)
  • “Interview”
  • “Internes” (blog internal notes)
  • “Porträt” (portrait of a film artist)
  • “TV-Tipp” (recommended upcoming TV programs)
  • “Umfrage” (poll)